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Looks like Sephiroth got a meteor for Christmas.

Hey guys, I'm sorry I've been such a delinquent. Y'know, pics not uploaded, news un-updated... it's been a little hectic over here. 1000 pardons I beg of you!
But we're up for 2009 (yay!) with cosplay photos, and 2 possible convention events. Plus invites to groups and links to see what the anime/cosplay community was up to in '08 and sneek previews of what we'll be doing in '09. Thank you everyone for supporting me and supporting each other when we really needed it, and let's walk into the bigger, brighter future that we all helped to create, anime-style. Happy 2009! :D - Silverwolf



Photos from Anime City 11/anime convention now posted on the Online Cosplay Album, click here!


Latest News


Anime City - a convention is still on the cards for 2009, say the folks at Genesis Foundation TT. No word yet on venue, but date is possibly around March.  -SWolf


Z-site - We're back! Well, we never really left, but our .com name is in the hand of a cybersquatter. :( We're trying to get wwww.zymorph.com back. So until then, we'll be at the mirror site here or at http://zymorph.kaizenproject.net so you won't have to worry where your next event is coming from :)

Z-zite would also like to introduce your Admin for 2009 - Silverwolf and Mizer.  They're comic artists, anime fans and cosplayers, and we want to hear from you. Enjoy! :)



please note : we are not necessarily affiliated with these events, these are neither endorsements nor paid advertisements, but if anyone is having such an event or knows of one, feel free to contact us by one of the email links below:
Silverwolf    Mizer

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Tutorials and Articles section is now a full page on its own on Z-site. Thanks everyone and please continue to be free to browse and contribute! :) Click here to go to Tutorials and Articles.

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Adorable Plushies! - Stuffed cute characters in the clothing of your choice. Price depends on materials and size of plushy. Click here to see the full ad in the Minishop, or contact Natalia or Michelle


Spellbound Magic-the-gathering, D&D, anime  clubhouse now open in St. James/Long Circular area. Corner Kathleen and Guthrie Street, St. James. 622-4940


Artists Wanted - Rogue Artists Galleria has immediate vacancies for pencillers, inkers, painters and writers.

Click here to see the full notice in the MiniShop.
Click here to download the Galaxy Elf thumbnail sample tests as a .zip file.
 Click here to download inking test 3.
Click here to download coloring test 2.
Click here to download coloring test 3.


Articles and features on Zymorph! Please feel free to contribute your own tutorials, links to good tutorials and articles - and to tell us what you liked and what you'd like to see, Thanks! ^u^

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Mobile art - because u asked, comics and wallpapers for your PSP or phone. In the Art Gallery we'll have the option to download lower-res versions of the pics and comic pages for your phone, psp or ds.
Pls feel free to ask for or suggest things too, thanks!

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What do u think ? Got questions, credits, probs bob? :) email michelle.silverwolf@gmail.com I will try to get back to u asap, don't despair of me :)





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Y'all come back now, hear?