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Anyone has any suggestions? I meant this page as a sort of 'cosplay classifieds' at first but after discussing it with friends,it will now be combined with both online shop and classified listings. Local and international will be welcome, provided stuff meets with Zymorph's guidelines and our host's guidelines.

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Item : Sasuke's Shirt
A likeness of the clothing of Sasuke Uchiha from the anime Naruto. Can be worn as a regular shirt or as part of a costume.
Size : anyone between very small and extra large.
Materials : blue crepe-back satin, acrylic paint (matte and pearl), pelon, zip.
Features: Sewn by professional seamstress, durable construction, machine-washable materials, 'invisible zip' down side.
Other : this one was worn (over another shirt) at Anime City 9.
Price : $50, negotiable. (materials ~$40,sewing~$25)

Item : Queen Amidala costume (headpiece, dress, inner sleeves)

Size : medium, adjustable to small

Materials : foam, satin, gold leatherette, swansdown trim

Features : headpiece, dress and collar break down into three pieces for easy travelling. Lighted plastic bubbles around skirt ( not shown in photo) and on ears of headpiece can glow in the dark Supercool! Makes a nice display on a mannequin or as a halloween costume.

Item :  Shaakti head (headpiece and stretchy red hood)

Size : about 23 inches

Materials : foam, fabric cover, polyfill stuffing, pearl buttons and rhinestone

Features : airbrushed markings, jewelled headpiece, (the glow-in-the-dark tribal leather apron is available by request), makes a cool halloween costume

Price : $50

Item : Arm protectors
 Can be worn as a regular arm protector or as part of a costume. Popular item with ninjas, grass-cutter users, martial-arts students and people who don't like sunburned arms.
Size : anyone between very small and extra large.
Materials : these are white cotton drill with satin trim and metal buckles; can be made to order out of other materials including leatherette.
Features: durable construction, machine-washable materials .
Price : $25 per pair or less, others from $10 upwards (depending on requested material)



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