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I doubt we'll be using any of this stuff for any twisted, evil or commercial purposes anyway. In any case, we don't want to infringe on somebody's copyrights.


No child pornography is allowed on this site. Hentai is avoided. Other pornographic material is avoided.

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We cannot legally certify that all our info is 100% accurate, but we try. We are dedicated to living up to any promises and updating as regularly as our individual schedules allow.

We hope that anybody who shares our varied sci-fi/fantasy interests will not be left out due to creed, race, color, geographic location, eating habits or body odor.

Live long and prosper.


For Zymorph home: God, webkidx, silverwolf12b, michiko, akiko, M.A.L.

Thanks for blessings, artwork and time spent. To family members who bought us computers and paid our net bills and turned a blind eye to various sci-fi/fantasy obsessions. For friends who were there when needed. Love you guys.