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Japanese language and clubs based in Trinidad & Tobago

JP in TT


Learn Japanese (in Trinidad and Tobago)

Want to Learn Japanese?
The Centre for Language Learning at UWI offers a level 1 Japanese course. Great for your scanlations or calligraphy. The classes are on weekends, the cost is: free to UWI students, $400 otherwise. It also offers opportunities to live and work in Japan under the employment trade program (the JET program), so check the CLL for details. They also host a Japanese 'conversation club' which is free, where they practice the language and introduce the culture (anime included lol).
Check out their Facebook group here or search for Japanese @ UWI on Facebook.

We're in the process of putting up a page of good links and tutorials to help learn japanese online. :)

Here's a link to a page of common Japanese slang  - common to anime, that is, but both anime and manga fans as well as those who want to speak Japanese language could benefit. This site had many words and also tells you when it may be impolite to use them.

Here's another good free site for those who want to learn to speak Japanese and write the letters formally:
not many pictures but a very good reference or beginner's guide with lots of calligraphy applets (needs Java installed on your browser).


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