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Blaze Maqueen (local)
Dark Angel
Harry Potter
Kenshin Trust
Lore (local)
Manga Maniacs (local)
Roswell (Roswell High)
SpiderMan Unlimited
Tomb Raider
Zaboca Man (local)

I'm back. I hope to feature some online portfolios of sketches and finished works of young artists of the comic-lover kind. Some of the scans will also be featured in the fan-art of our online Art Gallery (link above).

Some more reviews might swoosh in, who knows...
Masood Ali of ZABOCA-MAN fame seems to have put production of LORE and ZABOCA-MAN on hold for a bit. I'll be expanding on and ranting about that (below). He and some other people will be working on METAL HEALTH.
Comic-wise, the VOAD team is currently working on THE CURSED AGE.

OKay, LORE and ZABOCA-MAN are on hold.
Both comics were earmarked for print publishing, but seemed to be suffering a lack of sponsorship. Possible sponsors are instead more interested in comics selling sex. Yup, that's what sells.I have to agree with them, that's the best bet for spending their advertising money.
Buuuut... isn't sponsorship about sponsoring things? 'Good' stories for a 'good' cause, even if they don't feature a mostly-naked balloon-breasted babe with weapons, should have a little encouragement from the people who so quickly pronounce them 'good'... a little more monetary encouragement. Geez, it's not exactly asking to print Bibles or encyclopaedias here, how about some more nuturing of genuine imagination, coherent language and creativity??

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Go to the Official Zaboca-Man site!

(oops, sorry, not linked yet)


With great zaboca comes great responsibility...

For those of us who may not know, 'zaboca' is the local Trinidadian name for an avocado pear. How did this humble piece of produce get mixed up in the world of super-heroes? By getting mixed up with a local 'spranger' (a thief), that's how...

'Zaboca-man' is an independant comic created and illustrated by Masood Ali, featuring the adventures of a currently-not-very-sane local youth with deusions of super-herodom. The main character 'Spranga' falls out of a zaboca tree into a clothesline, wakes up with someone's underwear over his head and zabocas in his hands. Thus 'masked' and 'armed', Spranga assumes a new (if mistaken) identity as Zaboca-Man, destroyer of crime, and 'evil two-headed rasta-dogs from hell'...

The result is mayhem with a message - it's not a good idea to use drugs. May truth, justice and zaboca always prevail.

Although I think poor Spranga needs serious help, I think Zaboca-Man is hilarious. Even better if it leads someone to think twice about praedial larceny and drug abuse as careers. Check out the links, and have fun supporting a local comic!!

Comments, anyone?...

Zaboca-Man? Are they serious? He's not a real super-hero, is he?... oh, for a minute there I was worried.

This is so funny!

(Spranga attacking the 2 pitbulls with zabocas) That is cruelty to animals! Do you want someone coming into your yard and swinging your dog against a wall? They should take it out or ban it or something...

Ha ha ha.

Zaboca-Man. Allyuh mad, yes.

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E-mail Masood
Contact #'s :
674-4193 or 766-3065

Visit the official Lore site!

(Oops, sorry, not linked yet)


The Guardians are still among us...

Lore is created and scripted by Emma Lee (emmalee_80@hotmail.com), and illustrated by Masood Ali of Zaboca-Man fame (zabocaman@hotmail.com. So far the graphics look pretty good, check some of 'em out in the Art Gallery.

Now for the story... It's set in Trinidad&Tobago. On graduation night, a good time is supposed to be had by all. Sadly, some b@st@rd had too much fun at someone else's expense - Deanna Chen was date-raped on grad night. Close to suicide, Deanna prays - if only she could have revenge...

Doomas, former Seraphim and current Guardian Angel, hears her anguished cry for help and offers her hope. Quoting Masood, "Doomas tells her to fill her heart with courage instead of hatred because others will need it. He shares his powers with her and she becomes Trinidad's (and Tobago's) newest Guardian Angel."
"There is a strong conflict within Deanna. She wants to make her ex-boyfriend pay for what he did to her, yet she is bound by a sense of duty to use her power responsibly."

More coming soon, soon as I get hold of the first issue! Please support local comics! :-)

Comments, anyone?...

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tomb raider

Go to the official eidos Tomb Raider site!


Starring Lara Croft...

She's tough. She's 's buff. She's not afraid of jungles or creepy underground tunnels. Or anything else, seems like. She's Lara Croft - aristocrat and explorer, intrepid and independent woman of the world.

Perhaps she gets it from her father, who tragically disappeared on a distant expedition. Later, Lara's plane crashed in the Himalyas - she was the only survivor. On her return to 'civilization', she realized that the 'suffocating atmosphere of upper-class British society' just isn't for her - she's happier doing what she was born to do, working and travelling the world as a 'Lone Raider'.

The movie 'Lara Croft : Tomb Raider' is based on the background story of the computer/vid adventure game series 'Tomb Raider'. (which includes Tombraider 1-4, TombRaider Chronicles produced by EIDOS). For the comic-lover, there's the 'Lara Croft : TombRaider' series based on the 'cyberbabe', detailing Lara's character and her globe-hopping adventures, 'swash-buckling action' and exotic locations, with crossovers eg. Witchblade-Lara Croft.

Lara Croft seems to be appealing to both male and female groups. Guys, for the action, the guns, the -ahem- lovely figure of Miss Croft, (tell me if I lie, fellas?). Girls, for the capable, courageous 'independent woman' attitude kicking butt while seeing new places. Then there's that accent, a lot of folks seem fascinated by the aristocratic Brit hero persona...

1st MOVIE : "Lara Croft : Tomb Raider" is the first in a projected series of three. This one is basically an introduction to the life of Lady Croft, with some divergence from the details of her comicbook and game storylife. Eg. changing her dad's name from Henshingly to Richard, they have their reasons I suppose, and making him a famous explorer who disappered mysteriously instead of a disapproving pater who died in a 'plane crash. The plot wouldn't have worked otherwise.
Very briefly, Lara takes on the Illuminati in the search for two pieces of an ancient artifact that is the key to gaining god-like power when the planets all align in a few days time, basically a race against time in order to control time. After finding an old clock that begins counting backwards on the eve of the planetary alignment, Lara's home is attacked and the timepiece stolen. She receives a posthumous letter from her missing father asking her to find the pieces of the artifact and destroy them. Rival TombRaider Alex West is leading the baddies on an expedition to find the time-key. And they're off...
I thought this movie was okay to good. For a videogame adaptation, very good (those usually suck). Not worth all the hype, but not a waste of cash in terms of sfx and action.
I had worries about this movie though. When first reading the promotional blurb, I thought - 'artifact controlling time?' Time is a very iffy thing to work with effectively (and this went through 3 re-writes). But I said okay... let's see... then I saw the trailer. Fighting stone monsters. Oy, futher worries... I know it's sci-fi but... at least it was better than some others I've seen. And the soundtrack consists of music actually heard during the movie, a miracle these days. :) So go see it! :)

Comments, anyone?...

(game)If Indiana Jones was a honey with guns... Lara Croft right there, man...

Cool game, best graphics in the latest one. I hope the movie doesn't suck. That would NOT go down good with me if they spoil it!

(movie) I don't like Angelina Jolie too much, but we'll see, we'll see...

(game) That body is so out of proportion! Only a guy could do or want to create a body that's so unreal...

(movie) It was okay. Could have been better to do justice, but it was okay. (seems to be a common sentiment)

(movie) It was great!

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The Croft Times
If the Times paper were totally devoted to Lara...

The Lara Croft Fan Page
(Chuck Brite's) Tomb Raider Fan Fiction & other good stuff, including how to take your own Lara Croft-wannabe pics

Tomb Raider Chronicles

The T R Archives
Tomb Raider & Lara Croft news and info

Lara Croft picture gallery
(in German, but who needs the words?)

Dark Angel

Go to the FOX tv Dark Angel site!

Dark Angel

"Genetically engineered to raise hell."
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Max holds down a day job as a bike messenger, becoming a cat burglar at night - just a girl trying to make a buck in a corrupt futuristic post-'Pulse' USA (a huge electromagnetic wave wiped out the stockmarket, bank information, losta stuff like that).

Unlike most girls, Max has a few abilities that help her nocturnal career, including superhuman strength, speed, agility, senses and memory. Unlike most girls, Max is an escapee from top-secret Project Manticore, one of several children who were gentically engineered to be super-soldiers.

The other escapees, her 'family' are somewhere out there. As Max searches for them, all off them are being hunted down by Lybecker. He intends to bring them all back, dead or alive.

Enter Logan Cale, a man on a mission - to protect the innocent and expose the corrupt. He finds Max sneaking around his house, but doesn't prosecute. Instead, he offers her a deal... use her hyper-abilities to help his cause, and he'll help her find her family.

Does Max catch up with her family? Does Lybecker bring them down? What is the fatal flaw in the super-soldiers' bodies, and does Max have it?

Produced by James Cameron and Charles Eglee, 'Dark Angel' is a one-hour t.v. series (FOX). I suppose that books or a movie might follow later.

When I saw the first ad for this, I thought Max was Faith from Buffy (y'know, the hair, the attitude, the super-strength...). Then I started watching the show, starting with the pilot episode where a bunch of shaved-headed, barefooted children are hunted through the snowy forests. Pretty good action (Max gets into a lot of fights), decent suspense (there's no guaranatee that she doesn't get caught, or that she'll get out), and humor from Max's buddies at the messenger service.

The sci-fi elements convey the near-futuristic setting, Max isn't exactly an instantly endearing cutie-puff but she's smart, she's tough, and she's got cool clothes to go with her mysterious air. Though there are some predictable plots once the main story's established, the establishing episodes and later episodes that lead to 'revelations' are good, the kind that you make a mental note to watch next time.

Comments, anyone?...

Max is a lean, mean, kick-ass fighting machine!

Nice action sequences, smooth-looking, cool motorcycle.

That girl is one baaad little... person.

I wish I had Max's ability to hear and remember dialed Phone numbers, I could tell who is the idiot making all the long-distance calls in this house...

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Roswell, Roswell High

Go to the official WB Roswell site!

There's truth to every rumor...
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This is a scifi adventure using the alleged alien spacecraft crash at Roswell, New Mexico in the USA years ago. Here, a group of adopted kids growing up in the town of Roswell have supernormal powers of healing and telekinesis. The tv and book series follow the teenagers' adventures and romances as they try to get through high school undetected and interact with regular human beings, discover the alien truth about themselves, and try to find their home planet.

I read the first few ooks and though it would make a cool tv show. They made a tv show. Then it became more of an alien-themed soap opera. I stopped making the effort to watch, since that's not really my preference, but anyone who likes that sort of thing with good=looking actors and actresses would probably enjoy it.


Go to the official Animorphs site!

Join us... together we fight...
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Somewhere out there, intergalactic war is raging. The invasion of Earth has begun.

The Yeerks want to take over. But they don't want our pitifully inadequate technology, they don't want Earth's non-strategic location. They want our human resources - our bodies.

Poor Yeerks, they're little parasitic slugs, no limbs and limited senses... Don't feel too sorry for them, though - thay can meld with your brain and use your limbs, your senses, your memories. That ability plus a world-conqueror mentality is making them a serious pain in the rear to every species they meet including their greatest enemies, the Andalites.

But all hope isn't lost for Earth. Five young humans now have the ability to acquire animal DNA and morph into that animal, technology given to them by a dying Andalite prince. Now they must use this ability and their street-smarts to survive, and somehow fight back.
But will the promised Andalite forces arrive in time, if ever? Is Earth really worth the heartbreak and pain? Is everyone just a player in a higher being's game? And in this whole galactic tragedy, are their Andalite 'saviors' as innocent as they seem?

The Animorphs book series is written by K.A. Applegate. The t.v. show, computer game and Playstation game are based on the series. The book series is finite, supposed to conclude soon, although there've been some good adventures along the way. Not only are the characters well-defined and interesting, ( each book is written in first-person style with each person's personal thoughts, you get to know what they would do in a situation because of what type of person they are), but there are interesting twists along the way (oh Lord, the alien toilet, ha ha), and 'thinking' situations. Not just 'what would u do if there's an alien in your Mom's head making her try to kill you', but on slavery, racism, standing up for what you believe in and not giving up.

I thought so far the books are great because Applegate's a good writer and seems in touch with the younger generation the series is aimed at, definately imaginative, sometimes informative. Although honestly there's one or two books that seemed 'average' to me, not quite up to her excellent standard. Just two out of about 50 ain't bad! The 'additionals' are really good, providing even more depth as well as pretty good 'stand-alones' that you could read and not have to know the entire background.

The show's okay, the morphs especially are cool to see but the Andalites and aliens look too obviously fake (well, compared to George Lucas' aliens but I guess they don't have that kind of budget).

Comments, anyone?

(book) 'Cool. I learned a lot of things about animals too.'

(book) 'The cover art is so real, like photos or something.'

'People turning into animals? Oh please.'

(t.v.show) 'The people are all right. The white tiger is so cool!'

(t.v.show) 'It's a good adaptation, but different stories to the books. The Andalite fur looks like they glued on some some kind of plastic scrubbing brush thing.'

9:24 PM 11/27/00

Go to the MARVEL website!


Go Back to Top Menu Ahh, so they (FOX Network) brought back Spiderman Unlimited. THe writers and artists have definately unleashed some unlimited imagination on Peter Parker a.k.a. Spiderman. Spidey's got a brand-new nano-tech suit that's helping him kick but in a whole new world. Oh, the suit... we'll discuss that in a sec.
For those who dropped in late, Spidey hopped a space shuttle to save a new world from Venom and SpiderCarnage, rescue Commander Jameson and generally bring peace to a planet of human-Beastial supremacy wars. And other stuff, there's lots to keep him occupied. (Mary Jane's back on Earth somewhere, so he's gotta get home sometime, right?).
He's got some new friends (and even more new enemies, ever notice how superheroes usually have more enemies than friends? It's like a job-requirement or something.)
The comic-style 'info boxes' and splashy art freeze-frames make me think I'm watching a moving comic-book on t.v. 'Latino' Green Goblin (good-guy in this place) is pretty decent (in my humble opinion). This may sound weird, but this upgraded SpiderMan is less believable than usual (I was right, that does sound weird). Oh sure, radioactive spider-bite, could happen to anybody... decides to fight crime, supervillains gradually appear... still basically an average guy who accidentally landed in some weird stuff...
then again, how many times can he trash the same villains over and over? How many times can he swing around the same city? and when's the last time the poor guy got a new suit?
SO... though some traditionalists may scorn it, I still think it's worth a watch (in the same way Batman of the Future is worth watching).
It's Spidey for a new generation, folks, and the new generation's got control of the remote.
And now...
The Suit.
Some quotes and comments (email me yours) :
"We boy finally get a cape. Now he looks like a typical superhero."

"I think it's awesome, like a symbiote suit. It's cool the way the spider-tracers come right from the suit itself."

"Call the Fashion Police for that 'thing' they put on SpiderMan and call a 'cape'. What is that thing? It spoils the costume and makes him look like a dork."

"The new suit is cool the way it pours out onto his body and nobody can pull his mask off if he's unconcious."

"What they stick on his back? A piece of web fall there and stick? What that is for?"... "That is a cape? In truth?"

"I like the old suit, but the new one's very sleek, cooler for the new adventures. Stylin', Spider."

"Allyuh now see the new suit? What rock you all were sleeping under?"

"SpiderMan Unlimited" article at Marvel
9:33 AM 11/26/00

Go to the Manga Maniacs website!

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Are you new on the comics scene? Don't know the difference between anime and manga? Looking for a good animated movie for the weekend? The Manga Maniacs will enlighten you!
A group of people who discovered the world of comic books and Japanese animation are willing to share their world with you. If you're already into it, you're welcome to add your knowledge and opinions so that everyone can benefit, or vote for your favorites.
The site features anime movie reviews, comic reviews, pages dedicated to faves like Samurai X and Pokemon, spoofs, speculations and tips.
Lots of images, soundsamples and short info blocks to keep you entertained and informed. You can browse articles and artwork or submit your own (they'll post almost anything from a true fan) or maybe win some free stuff (some restrictions apply).

A message from the MM : Hey novices don't be shy, we were once like you. We're still learning and there's so much cool stuff out there. Come on down, Caribbean comic-lovers and worldwide fans, help us make something really great!

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Samurai X spoof
8:08 PM 11/6/00

Go to the Bmaq website!

BMaq is in da house!
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Meet Blaze Maqueen. She swears she's just an ordinary kid, and she is. But if something goes wrong, something weird happens or life suddenly gets ridiculous, be warned - Blaze must be around!
Each quick and quirky episode, as told by Blaze, should be good for a laugh. Later you'll be able to vote for your favorite webisode or try to guess what Blaze is up to next.
Blaze kicks off with Episode 1: Blaze vs. Bug, but you can start off with the Christmas special : Blaze Plays Santa (just in time for the holidays).
Blaze Maqueen, comin' at you!



"Oh gad, this child mad."

"Action-packed. Expect the unexpected."

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8:08 PM 11/6/00

Manga Maniacs

Anime alert : Last Updated : 12:30 AM 8/11/02

Rurouni Kenshin (wandering samurai Kenshin) wanders no more!!!!!

In Samurai X Seisouhen, the finale of the Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin) series, we sadly witness the... death... of Hittokiri Battosai Kenshin Himura. This ain't a spoiler for anybody who saw the final episodes on the big screen at Anime City 3 (Aug 10).
But to loyal Kenshin fans out there, it's just wrong! We ask... how could this happen? how could they do this to Kenshin? why couldn't they let him live happy, with his wife and son, and old friends? why couldn't he go out in a blaze of glory?
But I say, he did go out in glory. His actual death in his wife's arms under the cherry blossoms that led him home is really a triumph over his painful past. If those who live by the sword die by the sword, Kenshin's life did turn around with a peaceful end among beauty and love instead of violence and cold steel. He died heroically since he lost his strength defending people and fulfilling his promise to his family to come home.
Kenshin, you showed us awesome sword moves along with the path of peace. Rest in the peace that was your hoped-for legacy.

Samurai X hit the screens again in this new feature, "Trust". The die-hard fans of the western hemisphere who mourned the ending of the tv series will be sure to rush to see this and catch a glimpse of their favorite red-haired, 'X'-scarred swordsman.
This installment will cover the 'lost years' of Kenshin's past life that were only hinted at in the tv episodes.
Click the pic to go to the MangaManiacs Samurai X page for more info and links.

Check also Mayday-Anime (in the link column) and see cool Kenshin animated graphics at ADV films.com (link column)

And now... the comments...

Real good so far. Real violence though."

"Violent? What do you expect, swords and badguys running around always mean violence."

"It was good. Violent?... Well, it makes Ninja Resurrection look like Pokemon in comparison of violence."

"Kenshin is so cute, but he was real bad in those days."

"I could see why they had to stop the tv series, they can't show this kind a thing in Saturday morning cartoons. But the animation, story everything was good."

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Mayday Anime.com

ADV Films .com

Go to the Official HP websites!
WB (the movies)
Scholastic (the books)

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Don't believe the hype and hysteria. Buy it or borrow it and read it for yourself.
Yes, it's a book. Lay aside your fears, insecurities and misconceptions and find out for yourself. All I can (and will) do for those who don't know is give them the bare facts : The Harry Potter series is fantasy fiction, the writer has an easy flowing style, the plots are well thought out (with some surprising twists).
For Harry-fans, I have a list of some good sites to visit, and why they're worthy of mention. Click here

Just the beginning :

Harry Potter is a young orphan boy now living with his Aunt, Uncle and obnoxious cousin Dudley. They dote on Dudley but mis-treat poor Harry (they even make him sleep in a cupboard under the stairs, and you thought your life was bad), hiding him from visitors, bad-talking his deceased parents, everything - classic Cinderella story, except that weird things happen around him sometimes.

Smart, green-eyed Harry seems doomed to this existence until one day on his 11th birthday, a letter arrives by owl, ordering his mean ol' guardians to send him to school at Hogwarts Academy of Wizardry...

Turns out that Harry's a budding wizard (some people just have a certain magic touch) and should be in training - in order to survive a future confrontation with the Dark Lord, Voldemort...

Can't tell you any more. Nope, won't. You don't want me to spoil it for you, do you?

HP fanart


Most of these sites have elements in common - they feature character info, book summaries, HP graphics, HP movie updates, etc... and they're all by HP fans.

Harry Potter's Realm of Wizardry
Highlight: Unofficial Harry Potter books, involving the HP world and characters but written by fans.

The HP News Homepage
Highlight: The 'Encyclopedia of Charms' and suchlike interesting stuff, advertising links to tons of HP products.

Harry Potter Appreciation Site
Theories, predictions and questions to ponder

Lupin's Lair
Links and a funny quickie intro to the HP saga

Hermione's HP fansite or
Headmaster Scarlett
Highlight: Virtual 'tour' of wizarding school and village, faithfully reproduced from the book.
HP screensavers and desktop themes
I think the name says it all.

HP fanart

other HP linx, I didn't visit these so tell me what you thought

Harry Potter Fans.com

Virtual Hogwarts

All About Harry Potter

Ultimate Harry Potter Site


Didn't find an 'official site'.
Anybody else know it? mail me pleez

After the beginning Satan deceived man...
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Alex Elder was a normal NYC human teenager until a late-night run-in with a vampire biker-gang. His 'savior' Ekimus turned him into a vampire and poor Al gets dumped into the deep end.

His best friend Joe is a crazy Mex/Navajo vampire, he's hunted by Scarlet X a.k.a. beautiful, deadly demon hunter. He's allegedly a Chosen One - (is he or isn't he?...) and opposing the chosen one is the beautiful, deadly and totally evil Lisseth, manipulative, mysterious and mother of all monsters. And.. a whole lot of other stuff... Will Alex ever get his humanity back? Is he really a Chosen one (or just gonna die painfully?).

CRIMSON is a comic series from Cliffhanger Comics Imprint, by co-creator / co-writer / artst Humberto Ramos. Talented, ain't he? Actually, story concepts by Humberto Ramos, Francisco Haghenbeck and Oscar Pinto.

If anybody's thinking , oooh nooo, another vamp story, I've seen enough Buffy ... cheer up. It's not. For one thing, the series has some eye-catching covers and an intriguing cast (which is why I decided to buy it). For me, the writer/artist has created an almost animated feel, with his page-to-page drawing style, the dialogue and plot flow (For some reason I picture someone crouched over the paper, energetically tranferring thought to graphic, moving fast.) Check my links and check this out, I expected there to be more but I'll keep searching.


"I think the costuming's cool, like Lisseth's cape."

"The 'Crimson' Logo's cool, the way they do the M. "

"Joe's got great fashion sense for an undead guy."


Go Back to Top Menu

Humberto Ramos' Crimsonnice site design (crypt, cathedral, street etc). discussion, info, intro.

Holy Order of the Red Hood if those demon hunters had a web-presence, this would be it.

XCEL Crimson (Joe Fashion, etc)

Crimson images, chracter bios
7:28 PM 11/28/00

T&T's 1st sci-fi/fantasy turnpike. We do the searching, you don't have to... all in one page linked up 4 u... convenient, ain't it?

Okay, who or what is a zymorph?
Well, the word's made of 'zy' + 'morph', 'zy' indicating '2' and 'morph' meaning shape or form. So I guess a 'zymorph' is something that can have two forms. Go figure.

Incidentally the Zymorph nexus is maintained by 2 webmasters (who are often opposing forces ^_^)

Feedback! Contribute!
Want to comment? Ask or answer a question? Direct us to something cool? Cry for help? contact: webkidx@hotmail.com
we like discussions and making friends of similar interests :-)
And besides, if you don't talk back, how do we know what you want to see (and if we're messing up?)
Articles, summaries, lobbies, fan art, fan fiction, anything else can be emailed to webkidx@hotmail.com (subject "zymorph")(see details on our 'Submit Stuff' page)
Local and independant artists/comics/writers wanting exposure are specially invited (just make sure you supply basic info, your homepage, etc.)

So yin and yang, baby, kick into dualmode with your flipside and get in touch with your inner wild thing, peace!

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