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Samurai X, (also known as Rurouni Kenshin or 'the wanderer Kenshin') is the coolest anime in T&T. Those who disagree can email their opinions.

Basically it is a continuing adventure of Kenshin Himura and his friends in Japan. It takes place in historical Japan, during the Meiji Restoration Period, when Japan is beginning to chill out after civil wars. They have strict sword control laws now (which are as defective as our gun-control laws). So many bad-guys want to take advantage of the situation, the people need heroes. This is where Kenshin comes in :-)

That summary doesn't do this show justice. The artwork is excellent, the storylines are well written, action-packed and appealing to anyone with a sense of adventure. Smooth, cinematic style, very camera-savvy, a realistic fantasy trip, each episode leaves you wanting more, and more, and more... (I know people who hold their heads and bawl if they miss it. :-)

Even the music is good, not stupid jingles. No wonder this thing is so hot in Japan. (Probably because they understand the words :-) )

Meet the Characters


Kenshin Himura, a.k.a. Hittokiri Battousai, formerly known as Battousai the Slasher (a battousai is a highly skilled master swordsman). He is known by his red hair and the 'X'- shaped scar on the left side of his face.

An air of mystery surrounds him, our hero!

Before the Meiji Restoration he was a swift and silent assassin for his shogun, but could not reconcile himself to murdering strangers in cold blood on someone else's orders. He met the girl destined to be his first wife around this time (see Characters, Tomoe Himura). He left his shogun and became a wanderer, vowing to use his weapon only for defence and protecting the innocent. He exchanged his two katana swords for a special reversed-edge blade symbolic of his new determination to avoid killing and in some way make up for lives he took in his assassin days.

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Due to space constraints and scanner problems, right now we're just featuring the main characters and some of the more recent ones. We'll get fixed up soon, thanks for checking this out! This area also contains some goodies, enjoy! M M

The Guys

The Girls

Sanosuke Sagara arrived at the dojo as a challenger and remained as a friend. And as a freeloader. In their first encounter he used the giant 'Horse-splitter' sword (manoeuvring it with psi-power), but he mixes several techniques. Others see him as a smart-mouth bushy-haired cynic. And he is. But he is also extremely loyal to his friends, since he considers them as the only family he has left.
He considers himself the 'bad-boy' of Japan, the symbol on the back of his gi jacket supposedly means 'bad'. Although atheist, he fell in love with Lady Magdala (Sayo), the Child-of-God's sister (who later died).
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YOSHI (Yahiko)
Yoshi is the 10-year-old son of a samurai, now orphaned. Although a very proud and brave boy, he was blackmailed into pick-pocketing and stealing for a local mob boss and living the tough life of a streetkid.
He was rescued from his forced life of crime by Kenshin and Kaoru, and now lives at the Kamiya dojo where Kaoru trains him as her student. He and Sano are constantly arguing and annoying ane another.
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Aoshi Shinomori, (also known locally as 'Magic boy'), a skilled swordsman who has several illusion tricks up his sleeves to confuse his opponent.
He would have been the leader of the Oniwa Banshu ninjas but rejected this position in favor of Shishio Magoto's promise of greater power in the Jupon Gitana (the ones who wanted to take over Japan). Misau asked Kenshin's help in finding him and convincing him to come back, but he first fought Kenshin on Shishio's orders.
Once obsessed by power, he came to see that this obsession would soon destroy him. He fought Shishio to help Kenshin get time to recover and probably helped snap Kenshin out of his unconcious trance. Most of his time is now spent in meditation as he tries to come to terms with his true destiny and true feelings for Misau.
Make no mistake - his sword and skills remain as sharp as ever.
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Former leader of the Oniwa Banshu Ninjas. At least, until injuries sustained in a fight with Aoshi left him unable to continue, forcing Misau to grab power.
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The powerful and demented leader of the Jupon Gatana (Ten Swords) group. Shishio fought his way back from near-death by fire and fought his way up to emerge as the most powerful man in Japan, determined to rule the country. Kenshin and his friends remained as the only people who survived to stand in his way, with Kenshin ultimately defeating him in battle at Edo (now Tokyo), almost at the cost of their lives.
Previously, Shishio was so badly burned that he remained covered in bandages, unable to sweat. This limited the time for which he could fight. For his battle with Kenshin he used the serrated-edged sword Ginsoto (the Eternal) which was ignited by friction and the flame sustained by the oil from its victims' bodies. He also bit Kenshin (somebody give this guy a burger! or a good doubles!). However Shishio exceeded his time limit, his body overheated, and he burned to death in his own personal Hell. (now he wants to take over the real Hell.)
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Saitoh Hajime, capatain of the Japanese Police Squad. Friend or foe? Sato deliberately keeps you guessing. He came to help Kenshin in their final battle against Shishio in spite of being previously wounded. However, this former government agent owes Sanosuke a rematch, a fight to test their skill against each other.

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Sejiro Hiko the 14th is Kenshin's 'master' ie. the one who taught him the art of Hiden-Mitsorugi. Kenshin challenged and fought him for the right to learn the powerful technique which helped defeat Shishio Magoto.
A mysterious and highly skilled man, he often provides Kenshin with information and inspiration. (Silverwolf thinks that he hits the saki-bottle too often.)
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Shozo, Lady Magdela's devoted bodyguard, remained loyal to Shogo ever since Shogo saved his life as a child on the streets of China. A Christian, Shozo did not wish to kill anyone though he fought Sano twice. In love with Lady Magdela from the day they met, he tried to protect her from Cayo. He was almost killed fighting against the trecherous Cayo, but in the end, Cayo died by Shozo's work. For this Shozo begs God's and Magdala's forgiveness.
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The "Child-of-God" a.k.a. "Sword of Heaven". His Christian parents were slaughtered along with most of the Christian village of Shimabara by intolerant non-believers. With the help of his Uncle Hiyo, Shogo and his younger sister Sayo escaped to China, where Hiyo taught him Hiten-Mitsorugi. Shogo later returned to Japan, where the simple people of Shimabara hailed him as their Messiah, believing that he was fulfilling a prophecy by returning to lead them to "God's Country".
Shogo intended to create his own version of "God's Country" by taking bloody revenge on those he believed had persecuted him and his people. However, he became blinded by revenge and his desire to protect 'his' people, ending up killing innocent people. In their first battle, he blinded Kenshin, but Kenshin regained his sight in a rematch.
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Kyshu Katsu
A teacher at another dojo, Sensei Kyshu Katsu used to be a shogun's (lord's) retainer before the Meiji revolution. He was left in charge of a treasure that Beneaho kidnappers demanded as ransom for his daughter Itsuku. Kenshin helped rescue her.
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Kaoru Kamiya, Kenshin's girlfriend, can be decribed as 'spunky' but kind of stereotyped. She is the owner of and teacher at the Kamiya Dojo where she teaches her father's fighting style. (Currently only one student, Yoshi, since the decline of interest in martial arts around this time).
Kenshin helped her to defend the dojo and herself from a gangster who was claiming to be Battousai the Slasher and trying to get revenge against Kaoru's dead father (kind of late, but that's what evil villains like to do). Kaoru and Kenshin quickly became friends when, in return, she allowed him to stay a while at the dojo. After many adventures together, Kaoru offered Kenshin a permanent place at the dojo - and her heart. (Took them long enough to finally admit!)
By the way, her many skills do not include cooking. Kenshin and Yoshi do that or else they'd starve. Luckily it's a short walk to the nearest restaurant.
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Megumi Takani, the doctor, who cares deeply for Kenshin. She and Dr. Gensai work together as a medical team.
She helped Kenshin to recover after his near-fatal battle with Shishio. Having both intelligence and beauty, she's more serious than Kaoru but always ready to join in all the the fun. And the danger. An important part of the 'team' - after all the slashing is over, it's a good thing that there's someone who can pick up the pieces.
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Shishio Magoto's girlfriend, former courtesan and liason with outsiders. She allowed Shishio to sacrifice her for the sake of his obsession with ruling Japan and getting revenge on everyone. The weird thing is, they both really loved each other ...
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Misau Makimachi, the ninja-girl with the deep voice. Her mind is set on victory and her heart on Aoshi. She became allied with Kenshin and his friends in the struggle against Shishio's Jupon Gatana. When her Oniwa Banshu ninja group was threatened with dissolution due to lack of a leader, 18-year-old Misau refused to admit defeat. Instead she declared herself the new leader and continued the fight.
A very brave (possibly dare-devilish) and outspoken girl (understatement!), Misau provides Kenshin with backup and often valuable information obtained by her network.
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We know who this is ... but do you? Click here! First Trinidadian to send in the correct name, sex and say where first appeared in RK will receive a RK mousepad. Try, nuh?
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Kenshin's first wife. They met while Kenshin was going through his troubled 'Slasher' period. She came after him for revenge (he killed her brother, which probably isn't a good way to start a relationship!) but they united against a common evil and they ended up falling in love with each other. Their vows were serious - especially "til death do us part".
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Lady Magdala, the sister of the 'Child-of-God'. Her real name was Sayo. She escaped to China with her brother but contracted tuberculosis ( a lung disease which made her cough and left her weak). Although very ill, she conducted services in Shogo's church, helped people and believed in her brother. Later she sacrificed her life to save the village of Shimabara.
She fell in love with Sano even though they were on opposite sides. Soon after they confessed their love for each other, she died in Sano's arms.
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The cute little ninja /maid at Okina's house who can also fight to defend their household (they're all ninjas in this place, remember?) She spotted Kenshin and Sano returning from Kenshin's battle with Shishio and helped tend their wounds.

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Misanagi of Moriya, the head of the Sanada Ninja Group. She wanted her ninjas to gain power over Japan so she helped the Black Knights find the miracle medicine guarded by the Sanada. However they betrayed her except for Second Lieutnent Schneider, who fell in love with her. When the Balck nights tried to kill her, he protected her. She realised that she wanted power in the wrong way and joined Kenshin to fight the Black knights.

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For added entertainment, Check out Samurai Trini, a spoof we did on Samurai X. Check it and tell us if we should continue ^_^ . (Click here)

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The Music
Yes, people, this is just a taste. There are MP3's available but it's illegal to keep those without a CD. If you want the CD, check Cool Stuff

SobukasuJudy and Mary .WAV clip
1/3 No Junjou Na Kanjou Siam Shade .wav clip
It's Gonna Rain!Bonnie Pink.WAV clip
1/2Judy and Mary .WAV clip
Heart Of SwordT.M.Revolution.WAV clip
TacticsThe Yellow Monkey .WAV clip
Namida Wa Shitteiru .WAV clip
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Country of Origin : Japan

Setting : Japan at the time of the Meiji Restoration

Creator : Watsuki Nobuhiro

Produced by : Sony Pictures

What is Kenshi's Weapon? : 'Sakabatou' a (reversed-edge katana sword). Kenshi prefers not to kill in ordinary battle, so his sword is different. It has a reversed edge, which means that the sharp side is on the opposite of where it would be on a normal sword. (This also helps his fighting style or else he might slash his leg while drawing the sword). To cut or kill, he just manoevers the blade to use the sharp edge.

Is there a game for Samurai X? : Yes. There is a 'versus fighter' game, (like Mortal Kombat or Street fighter) which is 3D. There is also an action/RPG, where you play as one of the show's characters and choose to interact or fight as you go along. These are the official games - there are other games floating around the Net based on the Samurai X sagas, some of which are pretty good but not official. Some fans are very obsessive as well as talented.

How old is Kenshin Himura? :Kenshi's approximate age is about 22. He was around 15 when he was in the assassin business.

Is Shogu Amakusa related to Shirou Amakusa? : No. Shogo is from 'Samurai X' while Shirou is from 'Samurai Shodown', but 'Amakusa' is not a surname or family name. Shogo changed his name from 'Mouto" to 'Amakusa', a word which is probably related to 'vengeance'. (Check one of the online Japanese dictionaires).

What happened to Shogo Amakusa's sword? On the ship to Holland it's not at his side.
The sword is on his sister's grave. After Shogo was released from prison, he visited his sister's grave (at the end of the last episode in the "Child-of-God Saga"). There was a different video for the end theme, which showed scenes from the entire saga. Sayo's grave is shown last. In case you missed it, Shogo's sword is broken and placed crosswise on the gravestone, near the bouquet of flowers, symbolic of his promise never to take up the sword again, devotion to his sister and faith in God.

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The Meiji Restoration of Jan. 3, 1868, returned authority to the Japanese emperor and brought an end to the military governments (shogunates) that dominated Japan since 1185. Humiliated in 1854 when U.S. Commodore Matthew Perry forced Japan to abandon its policy of seclusion, Japanese leaders resolved to transform the country into a modern, industrialized nation.

Before this, the ruling family was losing respect, mainly from powerful samurai. Both the daimyo (lords) and the imperial court didn't want foreigners living and working in their country.

Meiji was the name of the young emperor at the time of the Restoration, which basically unified Japan. Imperial princes, court nobles, daimyo, and samurai activists were brought together to form the new imperial government and try to improve everything. They were trying to acheive fukoku-kyohei (rich country, strong army) so the government was moved from Edo to Tokyo by 1873, the daimyo and samurai classes were abolished (sword-control laws), a conscript army was established, and all citizens became free and equal in the law.

Meanwhile, agriculture and industry prospered with government assistance. In a single generation Japan had been transformed from a secluded and backward nation into an important world power.
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