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The year is 2040. Tokyo has been rebuilt after the last horrible earthquake. Commercial robots (called boomers) are supposed to make life easier for humans, and the majority of them do. But few know of a fatal flaw lurking inside every boomer - the potential to mutate into big ugly machines of uncontrolled destruction.

Enter the Knight Sabers, a small group of high-tech vigilantes who have realized that something is drastically wrong. Using their "hard-suits", a form of robaotic armor, they destroy the rogue boomers and hide their identities from the boomer-tech companies that downplay the danger - and want the Knight Sabers out of the way.

So begins 'BubbleGum Crisis : Tokyo 2040'KNIGHT SABERS, the rebirth of the 'cyberpunk masterpiece'known as BubbleGum Crisis (the show is cooler than its name. Really.). Genom Corporation is the major badguy, although rogue boomers are only the beginning. There's always action, always adventure, always a crisis.

Meet the Characters




The singer, punk/rock type. Our hero! (well, the major one.) When she's not performing in some nightclub she might be cruising around on her red motorbike or wasting some rogue boomer (or whatever or whoever happens to be causing a problem at the moment). She has a dry sense of humor, but it's her toughness and unshakeable cool that make her unstoppable in her blue hardsuit.

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The "new girl". She moved to Tokyo to work, and also to find out the truth about the Knight Sabers whose exploits she managed to follow on the Net. She recpognised Priss when the Knight Sabers rescued her from a deranged boomer, and became determined to become a Knight Saber too. Her determination (and bravery) was a major factor that enabled her to earn the right to battle in her green hardsuit.

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The rich-girl. Also fashion consultant, she owns several clothing stores among her assets. Basically she's the Bruce-Wayne of Tokyo (as in Batman?) who funds the hardsuit technology and enables the Knight Sabers to wipe out the threats. It's only fitting that her armor should be just like her, stylish but all business - a sleek white and green-blue hardsuit.

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The computer expert, a cute but skilled hacker working for the AP Police. Silia recruited her after Nene caught her trying to hack into the AP database (nobody gets past Nene in cyberspace. She caught Linna too). Her child-like attitude makes her an easy target for Priss's teasing, but she's eager to kick butt in her red hardsuit.

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An AP policeman who wishes that the Knight Sabers would just go away and stop fighting boomers - that's what the AP Police are supposed to be there for. He usually gets to the action scene first (but by then the Knight Sabers have already left anyway).
Nene teases him with the pet name "Leon-Poo" until he gets annoyed enough to retaliate.
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The mechanic. His garage is actually only a cover - yes, people, this is the man who constructs the hardsuits.
He and Silia have another little 'thing' going on too. Let's just say that the new technology is not the only thing those two are developing together.
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Leon's AP Police partner. One of those super-smart, super-confident persons, he's more laid-back about the Knight Sabers than Leon is. In fact, he's more interested in the hardsuit technology than anything else (when he does bother to be concerned). He's more inclined to be thoughtful than his action-oriented partner.
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What evil plot is he thinking up now?! Doesn't this mad evil genius of Genom ever take a break?!
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The Music

Y'KNOW Akira Sodou .WAV clip
WAITING FOR YOU Akira Sodou .WAV clip
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Yes, people, this is just a taste. There might be MP3's available but it's illegal to keep those without a CD. If you want the CD, check Cool Stuff


Country of Origin : Japan

Setting : Futuristic, Tokyo in the year 2040

Character design : Masaki Yamada

Hardsuit Design : Original hardsuit concepts by Kenichi Sonada. Knight Sabers mechanical and hardsuit designs by Shinji Aramaki.

Music : Kouichi Korenaga

What's Nene's favorite snack? : We're not sure, but we've seen her eating mostly hot spicy stuff.

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