Rogues' Gallery

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Professor X      Roderick De Weever        Writer
Wolverine,        Masood Ali,                     Comic Artist, Graphic Artist, Bartender
Storm,              Marie Windsor,                Writer, Marketing Representative
Cyclops,          John Lalla                          Marketing Representative
Jean Grey        Alexi Rooks                       Comic Artist, Writer
Rogue              Petrina Ali                         Writer, Marketing Representative
Iceman            Garnet Beharry                  Comic Artist, Student
Nightcrawler    Leandro Hosein                 Bartender
Colossus          Jason Windsor                  Comic Artist, Writer, Graphic Artist
Beast               George Francis                  Comic Artist, Writer

The first product to result from the unity of Rogue Artists and Heroes Foundation are the Local X-Men.


Impressive, awe-inspiring costuming, hair and make-up.

Friendly, congenial and dedicated personnel. A cosmopolitan mix of different ethnicities, religions and ages, but with a common goal. A true representation of trinbagonian life.

Priceless moments with children especially of younger ages.

A chance to show kids at the various orphanages, and homes, who, like the X-Men, wake up every day feeling different from others, that our differences make us special, not inadequate. This is why the X-men were chosen.

Motivating the youth to X-cel in academics, sports, arts and social activities.

Everyone involved is either an artist, writer or marketing personnel, adding their skills to the overall inspiration of the youth. This includes sketching and drawiing for the kids.


We at Rogue Artists are proposing to appear at media events and charity events dressed in X-men wear. We also provide face painting, and portrait photography where the kids will receive a comic cover printout with themselves posing with their favourite characters.

We are not seeking to profit from the Marvel characters. These funds will be used to facilitate our appearances at various orphanages and children's homes in our ongoing effort to motivate the youth. We are also asking that you support these ventures, whether by sponsorship, or donations.

Local X-Men at MovieTowne cinema