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Guidelines / FAQ/ policies / requirements for  each type of submission




what is it?

Zymorph loads a web page for you showcasing your work/projects – ie. It’s an online portfolio,



It’s free in $. We won’t sell your images or your address – this is a personal site.

In return, you access your e-folio from the Zymorph home page list (bookmark the home page please ^_^)


Do I have to do anything like maintain the page?

Nope, not unless you want to. Zymorph does the coding, you just supply the images and information. We’ll notify you if necessary.

But if you have suggestions for appearance or coding, sure ^_^. Just contact the webmaster at silverwolf12b@hotmail.com , subject efolio suggestions; (we can probably accommodate u depending on time and what’s in keeping with overall site layout)


What kind of thing can I submit?

Images, documents, audio files, links to movie files, that are examples of your creative works. Eg. Fan-art (see guidelines for fanart here), scanned photos of your sculpture or paintings, wallpapers u created… u get d idea

! !Please give CREDIT where due to sources and collaborators! ! (Zymorph is not taking responsibility for those disputes, we will remove such files if requested)

! !Warning! Anything on the web becomes ‘public domain’! ! (take steps if you can to protect your copyrights etc before submitting stuff, see suggestions here)


submission minimum requirements :

-         about 3 images at least (Just contact the webmaster at silverwolf12b@hotmail.com if u need to discuss less than 3 images

-         your webname (eg.’samie J’) AND your real name (which we won’t display without your permission) AND either an email or snail address (or phone no. for nationals of Trinidad and Tobago) so we can reach you in case of enquiries, problems, notices.

-         Your ‘bio’, a l‘il write-up of where you’re from, what you do, and whatever you want people to know about you on your e-folio.


Of course you can send more (hey, this is ur online portfolio, and they really do help)

By submission u agree that it’s up to Zymorph webmasters to have the last word on what and how much gets posted (depending on available hosting space and regulations of our parent host Tripod Lycos, and security concerns), and that it’s your responsibility for any legalities arising from your submissions.


Click silverwolf12b@hotmail.com to send efolio images as an attachment to email containing your info


FAN ART Submissions

Fan Art should be clearly labeled / indicated as such, along with the name / credits of the original creator of the comic/movie/game/book the fan art was inspired by.
Other than that, if possible try to send .GIF's or .JPG's that are optimised for the web... .BMP's will work too.

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Celtic clipart from Aon Celtic Art ^_^