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Updates : 9:16 PM 7/13/2001 Added and updated the cosplay 'Taken List' showing pictures of characters who will be portrayed at next Anime City and other events, so people will know who the chracters look like and the cosplayers can form groups or avoid duplication if they wish. Updated PsykkoMadd's efolio with samples of his new comic book.

Added (11:03 PM 6/25/2005): Temporarily removed the TT Conventions photo album, will be back up later.
Added the Zymorph 'Mini Store' and classified ads page (under construction) for cosplayers and anime fans to buy or trade items, costumes and accessories, surplus supplies etc. Added Foxx's e-folio at left.

Upcoming events :

Runes Sci-Fi, Fantasy (and Anime) convention at Centre of Excellence, (date unconfirmed), hosted by Runes store, featuring movies, comics and cards from multiple companies. Cosplay : no official competition but cosplayers welcome.

TriniCon originally on August 6th POSTPONED possibly to November (2005), hosted by Genesis Foundation, venue changed to Lions Centre, Port of Spain. General Admission : still $25, reserve $40. Cosplay : cosplay feature will be hosted which should include prizes and parading fashion-show style. Can all Cosplayers and Cosplay groups who were planning to attend this event contact me as soon as possible regarding this change please! at silverwolf12b@hotmail.com

please note : we are not affiliated with these events, these are neither endorsements nor advertisments, but if anyone is having such an event or knows of such, feel free to contact us by one of the email links below.

What do u think ? Got questions, credits, probs bob? :) email silverwolf12b@hotmail.com I will try to get back to u asap, don't despair of me :)

Online Cosplay Photo Album

Click to see images of costumes from Anime City and other local conventions and events.

Kireina Kanjou

Click this for local TT anime chat!
(Yahoo Chat group maintained by Jewell)

Raven's Wallpapers

Cool-looking wallpapers (anime and in general) edited by Raven (of Games R Us)


Grab this cool RK image at www.animewallpapers.com


our Image Center

Grab this cool RK collage (Rory Galligan) and others fan art creations here, and submit your own :)



See what the cosplayers are up to, when and where :

The cosplay Taken list who plans to wear what, at which event

Buy a costume or accessory Buy or trade items or a whole costume,for Halloween, Carnival or another cosplay event.

The fate of the 7 galaxies lies in their hands - or paws. Exiled to a distant planet, can young fire-mage Ariantha save her own planet? Or will the Dark Prince destroy the Light Prince to rule with the Scroll of the Martlysse?

Characters sample page

Coming soon to a galaxy near you ^_^

* Fun and Faes!! Visit them and enter the realm of Mystic Fantasy! *

To visit Mystic Fantasy homepage, click here

Sample page 1 sample page 2

Have kid, need story? Try two active tales adapted from Japanese folklore.

Adapted by Michelle D. Hope to have more soon! ^_^

click here

Support local comics and books!

Who are the Rogue Artists? Photos of their latest 'Local X-Men' appearance, and their mission statement. Check them out here

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From WoLFWoRX. Genesis A (online) is currently unavailable. :(
:( but yes, the Genesis Diaries will be up soon :)

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