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Site Updates: Some fan-art sketches in the art gallery, a few nips and tucks on various pages... how d'you like the semi-facelift? ^_^


ADV Arrives!: Jan 25th is carded as D-Day for an anime convention in Trinidad. Hosted by Genesis Comics Club, it's going to be at the Centre of Excellence, Macoya.
Aside from the local anime and manga retailers, the big pull is the anime movies (can't exactly call it free, with a general admission of TT$25). They're promising a thirty-something anime movie festival, maybe some freebies, in "Everyone", "PG-13" and "Adult" sections. Ought to keep us occupied for a bit, along with the much-heralded arrival of representatives of anime producer ADV Films (ey-ey! foreign ting!) ^_^

LOC ComicFest: Next 'Fest' is due March 2nd, the usual place (QRC, 9am-5pm). Hosted by Lots Of Comics, Terrence promises a whole bunch of new comics, along with sci-fi novels, manga, Playstation gaming and the anime movies upstairs. It's a bit close to Mock-Exams time, but hey, take a peek on your way...
Could it be? That Kenshin Himura of Samurai X fame, the famed Battosai the Slasher, could he be really ... settling into married life with kids who will continue his legacy? AAAAAAAAAA!!! We'll be following this closely to see if it's true!!!!
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