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Blue Seed Ghost in the shell Night Warriors Samurai Shodown
Card Captors Ninja Robots
Dark Stalkers Hurricane Polymar Ninja Resurrection Slayers
Demon City Shinjuku Kiki's Delivery Service Ninja Scroll Tenchi the Movie 1
Dragon Ball Z Lensman Ogre Slayer Tekken
Fatal Fury Macross Pokemon First Movie Voltage Fighters
Final Fantasy Neon Genesis Evangalion Princess Mononoke Wrath of the Ninja

"Dragonball z the Movie" :
(Rated G)
Synopsis: Whoever collects all 7 Dragon Balls can awaken the great dragon and ask a wish. This evil scientist used it to free his even more evil boss from being frozen in the arctic. They developed these mutant fighters in order to take over the world. To test their warrriors, they lured the most powerful fighters in the world to battle them, including Gokou and his little son Gohan. Gohan is ignored but surprises them by doing serious damage to the lair. Finally it is up to Gokou to save the world.

What the jail happened to the drawing in this movie? The posters looked better than the actual cartoon. But the fight scenes were good. Probably the highlight of the show. Silverwolf12b

Anime women usually look cute. Sometimes gorgeous. The girls in Dragonballz the Movie are fat ugly stereotypes. They didn't do much, at least they should look good. Especially since the movie wasn't all that hot. More suited for under-10's probably. Webkid X

It was okay. What was the point of that song or daydream or whatever Gohan had in the beginning, it was corny. I'd rather watch the cartoon than the movie. RMA (Under 13 category reviewer.)
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"Voltage Fighters : the Movie" :

(Rated Pg-13 for brief nudity and adult concepts)
Synopsis: The principal of a high school is being taken over by an evil mysterious entity with a hidden agenda. In a lst depsperaste effort to save mankind, he sends powerful blood-red kaiser stones to certain students which enable tham to morph into armored fighters. Now this varied bunch must work together with a certain mysterious new student and fight against an evil born from the twisted fantasies of mankind.

I enjoyed this, actually, it was interesting. The characters were gripping and the plot flows evenly. There's a mix of action, original sci-fi concepts and funny parts, and some... ask Webkid X Silverwolf12b

Very entertaining. But that part with those twins - sick, sick, sick!!! Although it fits in, it's just not normal! Anyway, I came, I saw, I was entertained.Webkid X

I saw the edited version. It was good. The evil psi-being was scary, but the girl fighters were cute while they kicked some butt. RMA (Under 13 category reviewer.)
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"Demon City Shinjuku" :
(Rated R for language)
Synopsis: Futuristic Tokyo is split apart along Shinjuku street when one man exchanges his soul for demonic powers. Ten years later, one special young man and his girlfriend must venture into the hellish waste and stop him before he completes his evil task of helping the demon world escape into ours.

Nice tight action scenes. Great camera style, good directing. A+ for originality and action. Good story, good movie. Mostly a 'boy' movie, though, the female lead was stereotypish and left eveything up to the 'Chosen One' guy.Silverwolf12b

Apart from the F words, I liked this. As much as I can like any dark, future-apocolypse thriller. The two-headed doberman was cool, I wish I had one. Webkid X

(Edited version) Weird. Scary. Very ugly demons!RMA (Under 13 category reviewer.)
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"Samurai Shodown : The Motion Picture" :
(Rated PG)
Synopsis:Seven legendary samurai from around the world guard the gates of Heaven until one of them, Amakusa Shirou, breaks the sacred vows, murders the other six guardians and releases the demon god Ankushin Anbruja to wreak havoc upon the earth. Reborn a century later, the six guardians must find each other and their allies in order to challenge the now immensely powerful Amakusa and re-seal the demon Ankushin.

Not what you'd call a deeply profound movie, but a good adventure, not one of those sloppy ripoff videogame cartoons. My one complaint is that Ukyo wasn't in it, but that's not really a complaint, since he shows up later (there are 2 sequels). Silverwolf12b

Good clean fun, whether you're a fan of the videogame or you just like anime. Amakusa Shirou is evilly interesting. Webkid X

Haomaru was funny and we got to see their special powers from the game. I like this. I want to see the sequel with Ukyo.RMA (Under 13 category reviewer.)
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"TEKKEN : the Movie" :
(PG-13 for violence)
Synopsis: Jun Kazama is sent to investigate the activities of master criminal Heihachi Mishima. Along with specially invited fighters, all of whom have different reasons for being there, she and Lei Wulong of the Hong-Kong police go to Heihachi's island to see what he's really up to.
Kazuya Mishima's burning desire for vengeance upon his cruel father leads him to the tournament of fighters at Mishima Fortress. The prize is millions of dollars, but Jin doesn't care - he will fight past everyone and everything to have his revenge. But is he playing right into Heihachi's sadistic hands? And can Jun save him before he loses his very soul?

Good movie. There were similarities to Enter the Dragon (Bruce Lee fans will catch this one time), meaning Jun and Lei Wulong's mission, the private island, the 'best fighters' tounament etc, but that's only in the beginning. This movie manages to make that theme different and interesting (how else do you expect to get the full range of Tekken fighter all in one place?!) Memorable characters, smooth action scenes, good mix of story elements, interesting plot. It even explains what 'Tekken' is (although I personally think that part was over-dramatised).Silverwolf12b

You don't have to know anything about the Tekken game to understand and enjoy this movie. Worth the watch. Webkid X

The part where Kazuya ripped apart that mutant T-rex was cool. Lots of people were out to get Heihachi, Kazuya wasn't the only one who wanted to kill him.Spud_Zone (Under 13 category reviewer.)
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"Card Captors" :(Series)

(Rated G)
Synopsis: The wizard Clow's legacy of power is contained in a special deck of mystical cards which can release the power they depict (like Time, Lightning, Shield). Modern-day student Sakura Avalon innocently releases them from the book they were hidden in and is told by the Guardian Beast that she is now responsible for collecting the cards. Lee, a descendant of Clow, shows up and demands his right to collect his ancestor's cards. Together with Sakura's best friend and the Guardian Beast, they must capture the rampaging cards and deal with the dangers that suddenly arise.

It's funny and adventurous, seeing how two very young, very modern kids meet the challenge set on them by ancient magic. Very colorful and imaginative, with amusing character interaction. Might appeal to younger viewers. Silverwolf12b

For some reason, this reminds me of Pokemon where they have to capture all the cards, but the resemblance stops there. (Pokemon's more predictable, comedy-wise and i hate that). Not much blood, guts and gore (almost none, actually) but okay. Webkid X

I think it's funny, and they don't wear the same clothes all the time. I might want to play the game if they have one.RMA (Under 13 category reviewer.)
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"The Blue Seed" :(Series)

(Rated PG-13 for violence, brief nudity)
Synopsis:Long, long ago, a god-prince rescued a beautiful woman from an eight-headed evil monster and married her. She became the first Princess Kachinada. Until modern times, the evil has been kept in check until one day, twins were born, splitting the pure energy of the Kachinada line and releasing the evil upon the earth. Fifteen years later, only one twin, Momiji, is still alive. But perhaps not for long ...

Interesting clash of Old World legends and modern technology. True, if Momiji dies the energy her death will release should stop the morphing monster. But modern weapons and science can also hurt the demon and drive it back. So you keep wondering, will they succeed or will Momiji be sacrificed? Silverwolf12b

The free world's safety depends on an innocent girl who still wears kitty-cat panties and doesn't understand why half the people she meets want her dead? At least she's learning fast. Webkid X

Some good story concepts here, artwork and adventure to pull you back to find out what's happening. Also some serious girl-power, especially the demented soldier-girl who thinks that machine guns and explosives solve everything :-).Spud_kid
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"Ogre Slayer" :(Series)

(Rated PG-13 for violence, brief nudity)
Synopsis:In a strange twist of Fate, an ogre gave birth to a human child with a mystical sword. This child grew to be known only by the name of his sword - 'Ogre-Slayer', and his destiny is to rid the world of the demonic, monstrous ogres. He will not grow old but he will not be truly human until the last ogre dies.

Ogres everywhere! In all shapes and sizes! (mostly huge sizes) And all hungry for human flesh and destruction! 'Ogre-Slayer' is like the ultimate Ghostbuster, except most people don't know he exists until they meet up an ogre. He's powerful but unhappy, yet driven by destiny and the hope of finally being free. Interesting plot to each episode. Silverwolf12b

Sword-action in every episode. Not many fancy moves but plenty of damage gets done. Welcome to 'blood guts 'n' gore' Central. Webkid X

Less humor than other shows, but enough to work. Each ogre-hunt takes place in different parts of the world and varying points in time. Worth the watch. Spud_kid
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"Ninja Scroll")

(Rated R for violence, nudity, adult situations, definately NC-17)

Smooth action and excellent fight scenes, and an excellent twisted plot involving intrigueing characters. It was good, except for some disgusting scenes of female violation. Silverwolf12b

Some very devious, powerful and wierd bad-guys. Luckily the boy-girl hero team is good enough to fight them. Webkid X

There's a reason for the R-rating, but that doesn't dominate the show. Ninja Scroll is a must-see (edited version or not). Spud_kid
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"Kiki's Delivery Service)

(Rated G )
Synopsis: Kiki is a special young girl - she's a witch. Good-witch-in-training, Kiki's trying to develop her powers on her own even though she's poor and a stranger in town. She put her broom and flying power to good use by starting her own delivery service. However when her secret comes out, things fall apart drastically!

A charming and often funny look at growing up, struggling for acceptence friendship and not giving up. Disney channel material. In fact, Disney produced it or released it or something. Silverwolf12b

Not my kind of movie, but Kiki's a spunky, determined heroine. Definate younger-demographic appeal. Webkid X

Everything you'd expect from a Disney movie. Kiki's cat reminds me of wisecracking Salem on 'Sabrina', except only Kiki can hear him talk. Spud_kid
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"Ninja Robots" (Series)

(Rated G )
Synopsis: An army is invading Earth from outer space and the only hope is an escaped spaceship of teenage warriors with space-travelling robots which fight like ninjas.

The saving grace of this show is the idea of the 'Ninja Robots', which are big blocky machines that fight with katana swords and other martial-arts weapons. Unfortunately the voices are monotonous, not much expression and the episodes lack plot twists and continuity is fairly obvious. This looks like it was thrown together and mass produced for a Saturday-morning filler when there's not much else to watch. Silverwolf12b

This sucks. I'd rather watch Pokemon. In fact I'd rather watch shadow puppets on a wall. Webkid X

Everthing sort of blends together - the voices, the characters, the artwork. I'm not exactly sure what's wrong but it needs something to liven it up. Other than that, kids who like Power Rangers might like the Ninja robots. Spud_kid
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"Princess Mononoke

(Rated PG-13, violence )
Synopsis: In the last great forest live the last of the legendary animal spirit-gods, watched over by the mysterious Great Beast. An exiled prince seeks a cure for a strange disease. A conman searches for immortality for a rich Emperor. A businesswoman seeks a home for her people and to usher in an Industrial age. If the Forest must be destroyed and the Great Beast itself murdered, so be it.
Caught in the middle is San, human girl adopted by the wolf-goddess. She seeks protection for her family and home. She may have to choose a side or die, as animals and humanity rush towards the final disaster...

A disturbing portrayal of man's thoughtless destruction of everything, tragic consequences and force without compromise. Beautiful scenery and graphic violence. Sometimes funny, sometimes everything, it's hard to tell who are the real badguys because everybody seem to have a valid point - yet nobody's willing to discuss it (they're willing to crush, slice and rip each other apart though). When everybody's right yet wrong, how can you possibly pick a side? Silverwolf12b

Few one-on-one fight scenes, but lots of action nevertheless. Wow, Gillian Anderson was the wolf-goddess voice? Really? Webkid X

A sad and moving story. Under the entertainment are some serious issues, when you really start to think about it. The most obvious question might be - How far is someone willing to go to get what they want? Spud_kid
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"Pokemon (the First Movie): Mewtwo's Revenge

(Rated PG )
Synopsis: In a secret lab, scientists use the DNA of a rare but powerful Pokemon (Mew) to try to create the most powerful Pokemon in the world. The result is named MewTwo but it destroys the lab before it can be exploited, and disappears. Later, Pokemon trainers around the world get messages challenging them to reach a certain island and battle for the title of "Greatest Pokemon Trainer". Our friends Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu are determined to accept the challenge. But more than one secret is waiting on the island. Team Rocket is the least of their problems!

Good use of 3D touches. The invitation/private-island/battle theme may not be wildly original, but it works with the other elements. More intelligent than the TV series in a way. Several interesting themes are touched, such as genetic engineering and ethical problems, but mostly it's a zany cartoon pandering to widespread Pokemania.Silverwolf12b

Okay, I laughed. I also felt strangely drawn to MewTwo, the misunderstood and used badguy. He's too smart to be a Pokemon. Not sayng that Pokemon are usually idiots but... no, wait, I am saying that. Webkid X

Why bother reviewing this seriously? You know Pokemon-addicted kids will all rush to see it anyway...but it was okay. Over 150 Pokemon manage to put in an appearance throughout the movie and the short 'Pikachu's Vacation'. Spud_kid
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Tenchi the Movie 1 - 'Tenchi in Love'

(Rated PG )
Synopsis: A dangerous criminal escapes from prison. At the same time, young Lord Tenchi begins to disappear! To save him, his friends must jump backwards in time and make sure that his parents are safe. If they can't stop a disaster in the past, Tenchi will have no future...

If somebody kills your parents in the past and you disappear because you weren't born, is it murder? Memorable characters with lots of humor as well mystery, excitement and tragedy. Silverwolf12b

Ryoko the Space pirate's a major babe with major attitude. Powerful woman, but hilarious. Webkid X

A fairly straightfoward adventure, but spiced up by sci-fi and a heavy dose of humor. Try the series, "Tenchi in Tokyo" and you might die laughing as the story unfolds. :-) Spud_kid
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"Fatal Fury : the Movie 1

(Rated PG-13 )
Synopsis: The legendary armor of Mars will make its wearer a god, but they must first collect the pieces. Someone wants it at any cost, but is what is the truth of the legend? Meanwhile, a chance encounter leads to the rescue of Sulia, a mysterious young girl with dangerous enemies and a strange tale to tell. Brothers Terry and Andy Bogard, along with their friends must fight power-crazy madmen to save a young man's soul.

Good special effects and very fluid fight scenes. Some nice dramatic effects and some absolutely hilarious times. A good mix of extremes, actually, and very well-developed characters, you'll want to see what happens to them next. Cool movie. Silverwolf12b

Since it's based on the Fatal Fury videogame, something would be seriously wrong if most of the main game characters didn't show up. Yes, they did, and actually had good reasons for being there. This is a Movie, not a mere tie-in, unlike American game-movies. Lots of action, right from the start. Webkid X

It was good, an adventure/comedy with some twists. The ending - can't tell you, you'll have to find out. But it was good. And if I say it wasn't, Silver will knock the teeth out my head. ^_^ Spud_kid
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