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Don't forget, , everyone is different and you are allowed to disagree. Anyway you could always write your own.


Kenshin's my hero,
His hair is so red.
I really hate Shishio,
I'm glad that he's dead.
Shishio wanted to be king
Of the whole land,
But Kenshin and Company
Didn't like that plan.
He almost killed Kenshin,
And that wasn't right,
But Kenshin recovered,
And ended the fight.
So Adios, Shishio,
Go burn in hell,
With Kenshin Himura,
Japan will stay well.

Thanks for enduring this poem, it's a little corny I know. Thanks Manga Maniacs for letting me upload this, blame Gemstone for inspiring me to write it! Trinbago_Samurai

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