How To Draw Manga / Comic Babes

Perhaps you have looked at the artwork of certain modern comic (okay, many comics) and thought, 'wow, I wish I could draw like that'. Or else you had your eyes glued to the pages drooling, 'wow, I wish I was dating a girl with a body like that'.

Then maybe you wondered, 'how do all those professionals draw bodies like that?' (or, why do they draw bodies like that?)

Simple. First, they start with a model. Perhaps Cindy Crawford, but we think not. Most seem to use the model below.

Making your model

What you need :
tennis ballstwo tennis balls (or balls of clay, or any of various round tennis-ball-sized objects)
a pencila pencil, (or skewer, any sturdy object around this length and width)
an orangean orange (or orange-sized lump of clay, etc.)
glue-gunhot-glue gun (for sticking stuff together)

illustrationStep 1 : Shove the pencil into the orange like you see in the picture.

illustrationStep 2 : Stick the tennis-balls onto the pencil like you see in the picture.

See? You're done already! Now all you have to do is draw your humanoid females using these basic proportions!

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