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Galleria Convention (2005)

galleria group

galleria group

Vash the Stampede


See more costumes and convention shots here, thanks to Silvertreats!

MOvieTowne Cinema Premiere : "Star Wars Episode 3" 18th May. (2005)

Shaak Ti, Princess Leia, Queen Amidala,Darth Vader

L-R: Shaak Ti, Princess Leia, Queen Amidala,Darth Vader costumes

made by Michelle Amoroso and Natalia Henry for Star Wars Episode 3 premiere at MovieTowne (fundraiser for the TT Coalition Against Domestic Violence). (these costumes are on sale in order to fund other cosplay, anyone interested?)

ANIME CITY #9 : FAN-Tastic (Easter Monday 2005)

Hwoarang and Jin from Tekken
Photo courtesy Maria Pantin

Sakura from Street Fighter
Photo courtesy Michelle Amoroso, edited by Raven

Shikamaru from Naruto
Photo courtesy Michelle Amoroso, edited by Raven

the sfx pic - Sasuke (L) and Sakura from Naruto
Photo courtesy Maria Pantin, edited by Silverwolf

Jam, Mai, Sakura from KoF
Photo courtesy Maria Pantin

Gambit from X-Men
Photo courtesy Maria Pantin

Gogo and the Crazy 88 from Kill Bill
Photo courtesy Maria Pantin

Temari from Naruto
Photo courtesy Michelle Amoroso

Gunner Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2
Photo courtesy Maria Pantin

Rinrin from SaiYuki
Photo courtesy Michelle Amoroso

Static Shock
Photo courtesy Maria Pantin

Sasuke from Naruto
Photo courtesy Maria Pantin

click here to see original photos, other cosplay poses and more general friends and crowd AC 9 photos in this Photo Album

ANIME CITY TT #8.0 (August 2004)

Ruby Moon (from Card Captor Sakura)
Photo courtesy Natalia Henry

Sora (from Kingdom Hearts, right), and Pocahontas
Photo courtesy Natalia Henry

Photo courtesy Natalia Henry

Photo courtesy Natalia Henry

Black Cat (left) and Elf Princess Xarynne
Photo courtesy Natalia Henry

Demian Von Prios (left) and Black Cat
Photo courtesy Natalia Henry

young Kenshin (from Samurai X)
Photo courtesy Natalia Henry

Dark Magician Girl (left) and Celtic Elf
Photo courtesy Natalia Henry

Cray (from Breath of Fire)
Photo courtesy Natalia Henry

big Dark Magician Girl (from Yugi-oh)
Photo courtesy Natalia Henry

Ayumi (from Samurai X)
Photo courtesy Natalia Henry

wolverine (from X-Men)
Photo courtesy Natalia Henry

unknown 'original character'
Photo courtesy Natalia Henry

ANIME CITY TT #7.0 (November 22 2003)



Rinoa (front)

Rinoa (back)

Lei Fang
Adult Link and Baby Link
Metal Gear Solid Snake

photo by Andre Corbie
photo by Andre Corbie
 Yuru of the Hair
photo by Andre Corbie
ANIME CITY TT #3 : "Anime City MegaPlex" anime convention. (200?)

lee showron, m and kenshin from anime city 3

L-R: Lee Shuron (from CardCaptors), anime fan and Kenshin Himura (Samurai X) costumes

ANIME CITY TT #2 : the Return" anime convention. (August 200?)

vash, storm and chun li costumes from anime city 2

LR Vash the Stampede from Trigun, Storm from X-men and Chun Li from Street Fighter :)

X-Men : Movie Premiere (date)

People, what can I say? Allyuh ON ^_^

The Local X-Men crew at the fundraising premiere of X-2:X-Men United at Movie Towne

LOC ComicFest at QRC(?)

local Lara and LOC T. Ragoo

Event : QRC comicfest. Character: Lara Croft "TombRaider"

Um, okay, that's a local Lara Croft posing with T. Ragoo of "Lots Of Comics". (T.Ragoo is on the right, and Lara's the character with the guns. For those souls as yet unacquainted with Lady Croft...) ^_^ No, T.Ragoo isn't in costume, that's what he always looks like... ^_^ but he's got a cool shirt, huh? ^_^

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